Workshop on Ten Years of BabelNet and Multilingual Neurosymbolic Natural Language Understanding

4-5th JULY 2022

This 2-day workshop organized at Sapienza in the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering takes place after more than 10 years of research on multilingual Natural Language Understanding to celebrate the most far-reaching and novel multilingual dictionary and knowledge base, BabelNet, a popular resource currently used by more than 1000 universities and research institutions, and discuss the future of neuro-symbolic approaches to Natural Language Understanding.

Not only is BabelNet an output of the Sapienza NLP Group and two ERC projects acknowledged among the 15 projects through which the ERC "transformed science", but it also led to the creation of a spinoff company, Babelscape, that is one of the most successful in the Sapienza startup portfolio. Notably, this event is also co-sponsored by Accademia della Crusca (the oldest linguistic academy in the world), the Artificial Intelligence Journal and the European Language Grid.

Talk sessions schedule